Topics: Morality, Ethics, Intrinsic value Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: December 5, 2012
a) Examine arguments which suggest that our moral intuitions provide evidence for the existence of God. Morality is about understanding the difference between the right and wrong action in a situation. People may argue that morality exists because God made it therefore morality depends on God or that there isn’t any point in being moral unless God exists. Moral arguments try to show that nothing else but God’s existence accounts for our awareness of morality. Immanuel Kant’s moral arguments began with him arguing that moral action is about doing ones duty. Kant focuses on how people feel obliged to do good, knowing that it will bring more good and overall more happiness. This is referred to as the Summum Bonum, the Summum Bonum is the state of supreme good when happiness comes together. Kant also states that for this theory to work there must be a moral law that a person must find through use of reason, once this moral law is found then a person will feel a duty to follow it. According to Kant the reason to do ones duty is to achieve the Summum Bonum. He argues that we could not be happy without being morally good people. Kant’s most important point was doing your duty does not always lead to happiness as be believes that people should do their duty because it’s the right thing to do. Happiness may results from doing the right thing, but it is never a reason for doing morally good actions. As through reason we can work out what the right thing to do is. We cannot however attain the Summum Bonum by ourselves as we are not the cause of the natural world itself and we don’t hold the power to bring about the highest good. Since our reason tells us that attaining the Summum Bonum is our duty, Kant suggests that God exists because only God has the power to ensure that we humans achieve our Summum Bonum in the afterlife if not in this phenomenal world therefore God must exist in order to provide the Summum Bonum. However Cardinal Newman argues about Gods...
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