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Case Analysis Note Submission
• Each group is required to submit a two/three page case analysis note in MS word (not PPT) for specified cases. You should ensure that your analysis addresses the preparation questions. The first page of the case analysis note should include: o Major decision issues in the case o Recommendation/inferences on the major issues. o Summary of Analysis (quantitative and qualitative) supporting the recommendation Remaining one / two pages should be used to present detailed analysis / calculations to support your recommendations. You may use additional excel worksheet if required to include calculations, if required. The submission should include a cover page mentioning name and roll no. and follow the format as follows: 11 font size, Times New Roman, 1 inch margin on all sides. Groups must email their submissions to tamkt5@iimk.ac.in latest by 06 AM on the day of the scheduled session.

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Case Analysis Note: Preparation Questions
Session#, Date 3,4 July 04,08 Assignment Questions Gillette Indonesia 1. What factors determine the demand for blades? How can demand be increased? 2. How is Gillette doing in Indonesia? Has Gillette leveraged its first mover advantage? 3. How should Gillette accelerate the development of blade market in Indonesia? 05 July 09 06 July 11 Vanraj Mini Tractors 1. Calculate the breakeven sales for Vanraj Min-Tractors? 2. Evaluate the attractiveness of different market segments for Vanraj? 3. Which market segment would you target? Why? 7&8 July 15,16 Positioning the Tata Nano 1. What sales goal for the Nano you will recommend? 2. How will you position NANO to achieve that goal? 3. Why is the recommended positioning strategy superior to other positioning strategies that might reasonably be considered? Exercise I (Pls. Note the change in the session order)

Session#, Date 9&10 July 18, August 02

Assignment Questions Biocon 1. How has Biocon’s positioning and strategy evolved over the years? What role does BIOMAb play in Biocon’s overall strategy? How big is the current and future market opportunity for BIOMAb? 2. Who is the buyer for BIOMAb? What is the decision making unit in this case? What are the benefits that the each member of the decision making unit seeks from BIOMAb? 3. Assuming Biocon receives approval for BIOMAb should it launch the drug immediately or conduct phase 3 trials before the launch? Develop a detailed launch plan for BIOMAb? Provide your rationale for the product portfolio, pricing channel and communication decisions.

11 Aug 06

SAP: Building a Leading Technology Brand 1. Why did n’t SAP pay adequate attention to branding and marketing? 2. What were key branding related issued that SAP had to address in the year 2000? 3. What should Sap stand for ? What is its key brand promise? 4. What should be done with SAP brand architecture and what should be done with the logos?

12 Aug.14

Matrix Footwear 1. Should Matrix foray into youth market / fashion accessories market? 2. What are the factors you should consider while making product / market decisions? 3. How does product policy impact the value proposition of Matrix store ? 4. How can Matrix diversify into unrelated areas like fashion accessories without repeating the mistakes of the past?

13 & 14

Mountain Dew: Selecting a New Creative

Aug.17,19 1. What are the decision filters used by brand managers to evaluate brand communications? 2. Which according to you are the three advertisements to be produced? Evaluate each of the five options using the decision filters and list the positives and negatives of each ad? Session 15 Exercise II


Session# Session 16&17

Assignment Questions Atlantic Computers 1. What price should Jowers charge Daytraderjournal.com do the Atlantic Bundle (i.e., Tronn Servers +PESA software tool)? Calculate the prices for alternative pricing strategies. (Note from the Planning the Strategy section in the case that Jowers make a conservative estimate...
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