It Has Been Said That Not Everything That Is Learned Is Contained in Books . Compare and Contrast Knowledge Gained from Books with Knowledge Gained from Experience

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In approaching to this idea, basicly there are two ways of gaining knowledge. One is via books and the other is via personal experieneces. Eventhough both are important, knowledge through experience have seemingly profound importance that what is obtained through books. I personally believe that the practical knowledge gain through experience is highly essential to survive in this metropolitan world where everyone is in a rat race. There is a famouse english saying that 'map is not the teritorry'. This also emphasises the same fact mentioned above.

Of course, what we gain through books also have importance to some extent. Illustrating this point, we cannot experience the history. The only way to know about the historical facts is via the knowledge coming from books. Also, the foundation of scientific findings lie on theories and laws which can be found through books. Likewise, one should always remember that the knowledge from books are required.

However, inspecting most of the facts it can convey that experience plays important role than books. Because, knowing the scientific facts and laws are not enough to come up with a scientific finding. One should practically experience its possibility. Morever, can we learn swim by reading thousands of books? Can anyone succeed in business by reading thousands of management books? No, it is not. However, anyone can swim by practising how to swim as well as one can become a successful businessman using his or her intellectual knowledge, rather than using what is written in books. There are loads of people who become succeeded in their carrier without a proper education. The way that they have become succeeded through the mistakes they made in their life.

In my point of view practical knowledge which we gain through experience supports us more to survive than what we gain through reading huge bunch of books.
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