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Topics: Decision theory, Management, Information systems Pages: 6 (1298 words) Published: July 28, 2013
Information Systems for Managers (ISM)
Program : MBA Course Code : SLIT 501
Semester : ISessions : 33
Class of : 2015Credits: 3

Course Description

Course is designed to impart knowledge on functioning, building and management of information systems. It equips students with modeling and analytical skills to meet challenges of dynamic business environment.

Main objectives are:
(1) To understand significance of information systems in business (2) To know process involved in design and development of information systems (3) To realize emerging challenges in managing new-age information systems.

1| Management Information Systems - Managing the Digital firm (text book)| Kenneth C Laudon and Jane P Laudon, 12th edition, Pearson Education, 2013| 2| Management Information Systems - The Manager's view| Robert Schultheis and Mary Sumner, Tata McGraw-Hill, 1999 (21st reprint 2011)| 3| Management Information Systems – Text and cases – A Digital firm perspective| Waman S Jawadekar, 4th edition, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2009| 4| Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Business Modeling| Wayne L. Winston, PHI, 2009| 5| Step by Step MS Office Access 2007| Steve Lambert, M. Dow Lambert III and Joan Preppernau, PHI, 2007| 6| ICMR cases| ICFAI Publications|

Evaluation plan - Weights (%)

(i) Class participation (CP): 30%
(ii) Non-class participation (NCP): 30%
(iii) End-term examination: 40%

Detailed Evaluation Plan:

1) Class Participation : 30 % Weights

The component is divided into 3 phases, and each phase comprises of 10% weights. It takes into account participation of the student in case-discussions, preparedness, attendance, discipline and conduct. CP grades are to be uploaded by end of 11th, 22nd and 33rd weeks.

2) Non-class participation: 30% Weights

This has 2 components. Assignment and project use concepts and tools learnt during course.

NCP-1 is mid-term test with 15% weight.
NCP-2 is a project with 15% weight.

3) End-term examination: 40% Weights

After completion of 33 sessions, there will be an end-term examination. This may include objective, short or long answer, and case study analysis.


Introduction to Information Systems (IS): Functions and levels of management, Framework for Information Systems: Operational, Tactical and Strategic planning systems, Stages of New Information Technology (IT) growth. Systems concepts, Systems and their environments, How a system works, Systems approach to problem solving, Transition to learning organization Business process and Information systems: Impact of IT, Reengineering of work, IT and Business process redesign, Management challenges Global e-business and collaboration:

Types of IS (transaction processing, decision support, enterprise system, and e-business), Collaboration systems and tools, IS function IT infrastructure and emerging technologies:
IT infrastructure, Infrastructure components, Current hardware trends; Current software trends, Open source software, Cloud computing, Management Issues Internet and Wireless technology:
Telecom and networking trends, Communication networks, Global internet, Wireless revolution Decision Support Systems (DSS):
Decision making process, DSS features, DSS components and tools, Benefits, Risks; MS-Excel as DSS tool: what-if analysis, Goal seek, Scenario manager, Data tables, Pivot tables Database Management Systems (DBMS):

Data organization in file system, Database approach, Relational DBMS features. Data warehouses, On-line analytical processing, Data and web mining; MS Access as DBMS tool: Tables, Data input, Query, Form, Report Business Intelligence (BI):

Decision making and IS, Enterprise BI, Decision support for management levels Building and Managing IS projects:
Overview of systems development, Alternate systems...
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