IS6921 KM Phase 1 Project Report 27 Oct 2014

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Knowledge Management
Phase 1 Project Report
Date: 27 October 2014

Project Team: Raymond and Friends

Student ID
Chinese Name
English Name
Tentative Roles and Responsibilities
Choy Yat Man, Raymond
Lai Tim, Emeric
Gatekeeper (make sure that everyone participates in the group discussion) 53689365
Chen Shi, Macin
Chim Kwok Wa, Desmond
Researcher and provide insider information
Ma Dun Ye, Doonip
Li Han Ran,David

[1] Executive Summary
We were appointed by our client The Engineering Department of Gold Peak Electronics (GPE) to analyze their processes and to come up with a KM improvement plan to shorten their product development lead-time. We took a closer look at the key activities in the product development process and identified critical activities that had most impact on the development lead-time which is the focus for our study. We also got to learn development that did not go as planned as well as getting to know what is working well in product development. Completing the KM assessment has allowed us to draw the following results:

GPE should focus on Exchange, Combination and Socialization (for both Knowledge Sharing and Discovery). Attention should be given to Routine, Direction, Externalization and Internalization. The majority of knowledge were captured through formal procedural processes and stored in the Exchange database. But it is not easy for engineers to find them. Knowledge locator may help to solve this problem. The current KM Infrastructure does not support socialization well enough and does not really exhibit knowledge sharing between development teams. This could improve by setting up community of practices.

The key to success is in getting the product design requirements right the first time, perform thorough evaluations on all project risks and get the design right the first time. This goes with the reuse of knowledge (i.e. past product development experiences, standard proven design, lessons learned from the past so that mistakes will not get repeated and the use of best practices). This calls for all internal as well as external brains together to approve design before proceeding to the next stage of development.

[2] Company Background Information

Gold Peak Industries GPI (Holdings) Limited -the parent company of GPE- was established in 1964 and it has been in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 1984. It is well known by the public for its battery products under the GP Batteries brand.

GPE is in the design and manufacturing industry specialized in both consumer and professional audio products. Products developed range from personal audio system & HIFI Speakers to professional amplifiers & speakers use in cinemas, stadiums and concerts.

Engineers take ideas from product concepts through to mass production, then leave the design in safe hands to their manufacturing colleagues in their Huizhou production plant.

The Center of Engineering Department is located in downtown Shenzhen and has over 135 Engineering staff. Located in the same site, there are over 65 staff from various associated activities to support the Engineering needs.

The Engineering Department is organized into 3 main branches: Product Development Operation (65 persons)
Technology (35 persons)
Engineering Support Services (35 persons)

Also the Acoustic Team at Huizhou factory has 44 persons
And at Hong Kong office the RF Team with 7 engineers.

The Department Business Strategy is strong product development with dedicated functional teams – Electronics Teams, Mechanical Teams, Software Teams, DSP Teams, RF Teams, Quality Assurance Teams, Safety & Environmental Team, Test & Measurement Team, etc....

References: Fang YL ( 2014), IS6921 Knowledge Management Lecture Notes
Becerra-Fernandez, I., and Sabherwal, R., (2010) Knowledge Management – Systems and Processes,
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