Is there a difference between being lea

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Is there a difference between being learned and being wise? Please explain.

Learned is define “having or showing a lot of learning, education, or knowledge “(Learned, n.d.). Wise is “having or showing wisdom or knowledge usually from learning or experiencing “(Wise, n.d.). A person that is wise may learn from everyday life experience. In the week video, Dr. Lou Cozolino supports “wisdom has to be learned through and a real-world application applied to very complex situations within a social milieu “(Laureate Education, 2011, p.3). Wisdom is the ability to make correct judgments and decisions. When dealing with life situation, we tend to seek advice from a wise person rather than just educated person.

In your own words, what is the relationship between cognitive development, learning, and wisdom?

Lifetime learning and other experiences is crucial when comes to wisdom. Wisdom is aspect of cognitive development. Cognitive development is develop starting in our childhood to adult how we process information and how we learn. As we gain more knowledge the wiser we become.

How might your responses to these questions have differed at various ages/stages of your life?

Merriam, Caffarella, Baumgartner (2007) states cognitive development changes in the thinking patterns that occur as one grow (p.357). Piaget’s proposed there are four stages of cognitive development that are age-related. These stages are “qualitatively different ways of making sense, understanding, and constructing knowledge of the world” (Merrim el at., 2007, p. 326). I would not been able to respond to question as a younger student. However, after review several course materials and interacting in different online class setting I am now able to respond more in depth to these types of questions.

Why are questions such as these essential to being an effective adult educator? In one of this week video, Dr. Lou Cozolino agrues “different perspectives looking at...
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