Is Human always Selfish

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Is Human always selfish?

Selfishness is part of nature. It is part of every human being. Regardless of what all humans may believe, selfishness is a part of everyone and is the motivation behind everything that we do. Some believe in order to survive humans must be selfish and think of their own needs above others. Strangely, it is an offense to be called selfish. Humans always act out of self interest and only behave unselfishly because they are compelled to do so by decree and tradition. Socrates asserts that to do wrong is in itself a desirable thing, yet to suffer wrong is undesirable.

I view selfishness as one who has the attitude of I have mine you need to get yours. A self centered person can be difficult to deal with, always feeling that their ways or ideas are better compared to another. Surviving in this world in which we live in may sometimes require a little selfishness, but not to the degree of walking over another person belief, opinion or ethics.

Objection, is it likely for a selfish man to be social through a sequence of compromises of self importance and a selfless man to be social by rebellious to an impersonal greater good? No person decides to be selfish because they want to or because they believe should be selfish because of some good value or moral they hold dearly. However the reason for desiring to be selfish always serves as some characteristic of self satisfaction. No matter what a person reason for being selfish it will always be their reason. Objectively actuality is a selfish desire which everyone is accountable for, however not every good or bad deed has a selfish reason. Mandeville believes that ethical hedonism teaches that each individual ought to seek his own pleasures. (Mandeville, Bernard) The belief of one being selfish stand a lesser chance of survival, how many people really believe they will not survive if they are not selfish or selflessness?

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