Is Global Warming Man-Made

Topics: Climate change, Earth, Global warming Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: November 4, 2013
A hot button issue in current society is Global Warming. According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary global warming is “the recent increase in the world's temperature that is believed to be caused by the increase of certain gases in the atmosphere” (Merriam). Global warming as it stands is a scientific fact, as opposed to a theory. The legitimacy of Earth’s rising temperature isn’t where all the heated debates lie though. The debate is centered around whether or not humans are the cause of the current temperature fluxuations. Earth’s temperature depends on the balance between energy entering and leaving the planet’s system . When energy from the sun is absorbed by Earth, Earth warms. When the sun’s energy is reflected back into space, Earth avoids warming. When energy is released back into space, Earth cools. Many factors, both natural and human, can cause changes in Earth’s energy balance. A professor of atmospheric sciences, Richard Lindzen, believes the recent global warming is just yet another phase in the life cycle of Earth. He believes the current warming trend is the result of natural phases, where a planet goes through warming and cooling and the human contribution to it is slim to none (Future). We all know that at one point or another Earth has had Ice Ages, and the globe isn’t currently one big mass of ice. Which means at some point or another global warming took effect. Scientists understand that Earth has natrually gone through cycles of global warming and global cooling over millenniums of time. The temperatures were relatively unchanged from 1880 to 1910. They rose till about 1945, cooled until about 1975 and have risen steadily to present day. (A Natural). There are several possible reasons for the warming. A change in the Earth's orbit. Tiny wobbles in Earth’s orbit can alter when and where sunlight falls on Earth’s surface. The intensity of the Sun's radiation could change, triggering warming or cooling.Variations in the Sun itself could...

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