Is Caribbean Civilization Based on the Truth?

Topics: Science, History, Humanities Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: June 14, 2011
Caribbean Civilisation is not based on the truth. Historians gave us ideas about the history of Caribbean Civilisation and culture which were the bias of historical history. These ideas came to us via books or through oral history in stories and songs. The Cambridge Online Dictionary refers to civilization as “human society with its well-developed social organisation, or the cultural and way of life of a society or country at a particular period in time.” Truth is the creation of human interaction and is based on our beliefs. It gave us a sense of legitimacy and a source of belief structures whereas revisionism gave new versions of the region’s history based on more detailed insights and evidence. Historians collected the facts about the Caribbean region which were made into a story or narrative for everyone to understand. The meanings of the story were put together by people telling the story which led to the bias of historical history. The bias of historical history was as a result of human factors such as gender, sex, age, nationality, class, religion, education and economies. The Europeans for example, arriving in the region in 1492, saw the area as an uncivilised one with no culture. This idea was wrong as it was written only from a male perspective. As a result, present day historians are actively engaged in overcoming much of the biases of the earliest recorded histories of the Caribbean. It is unscientific to believe written stories about Caribbean Civilization without substantial evidence. The first Caribbean story was written by non-Caribbean people. These historians wrote about what they knew from written evidences but what was written cannot be proven to be a factual unless there is archaeological or genetic evidence to prove it. No one will write or say anything unscrupulous about him or herself. Historians were writing about the history but were not alive to witness the facts. The historian weaved a narrative of the past into a sequence that makes...
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