Introductiion and Conclusion to China's One Child Policy

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Reasoning Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: August 4, 2010
Our TOK presentation focuses on the one child policy in China and how various people apply themselves to the policy. We are also going to be exploring how reason, emotion and ethics play a role in justifying whether the one child policy is ethical. To start off, to understand the key factors of our presentation, we will start off with explaining the following: * Emotion, it is associated with mood, temperament, personality, deposition, motivation and how a person views a situation in their point of view. * Reason, is closely connected with emotion, sense perception and language * Justification, something (fact or circumstance) that shows an action to be reasonable or necessary. * Ethics involves systematizing defending and recommending concepts of right and wrong behaviour. We are going to have 3 role plays. One role play will look at how Government officials view the policy, one role play will look at how a mother views the policy and the last role play will look at how a chid views the policy.

Role play one.
The role play consists of a victim (mother) of the one child policy and an interviewer. This role play will look at a mother’s point of view towards the one child policy and how it affected her life and how she thinks Government officials should have taken emotion into consideration when implementing the policy. Summary of role play 1

We see that in this role play the mother uses emotion and reason to justify herself. She states to the interviewer that the government is being an utilitarianism as both the government and the public is benefiting from their up taken policy. Also she describes using reason, why she had another child and compares herself to the officials and the rich. She says the officials and the rich are egoists as they benefit themselves only. Furthermore she describes what affects the moral choice of the public in relation to the policy. We see this affected her and her family as they were separated from...
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