Intro to Rome Ethics Paper

Topics: Morality, Tour de France, English-language films Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: May 13, 2013
6 February 2013
Due Date: 2 May 2013

Ethics Worksheet #1c (At Home): Brutus, Lucretia and the Foundation of the Roman Republic

If Lance Armstrong’s case is to be analyzed by using just Gert’s moral rules he would have broken almost half of them. Lance Armstrong cause pain in the people hearts, and to those that accused them by ruining some of their careers. He disabled, those who accused him by making their life very difficult and even many loosing jobs. Lance Armstrong deceived everyone around him by making everyone think that he really was innocent and had never taken performance-enhancing drugs. He broke his promises to the ones he loved and everyone when he admitting to lying about swearing to never have cheated by taking drugs to help him win. He also cheated and didn’t obey the law; he used something that was obviously known to be against the rules in order to give him an advantage over the others. The fact that an organization is based on just these things alone sounds as if it would be as corrupt or even more corrupt than the person it was founded by. Even though all these moral codes were broken it cant just be looked at, the entire story must be put into perspective. He was a person who surely won a few tour de France races without steroids, survived testicular cancer and came back to win even more title than before. He was a role model for many even though his life was based on lie. A lie that wouldn’t have effected his reputation and would have made his situation a lot better if he would have just came out from the beginning. During the process of accomplishing all these feats, Live Strong was founded after this amazing, conquering athlete. He was a modern day example that if you put your mind to something you can conquer it and be even better than before and that nothing can hold you back if you put your mind too it. The Live Strong foundation used this for inspiration to others giving thousand, maybe even millions, of people hope and support...
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