Into the Wild

Topics: Into the Wild, Christopher McCandless, Jon Krakauer Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: May 15, 2011
It is difficult in the start Into The wild by Jon Krakauer to grasp why Chris Mcandless would go into the Alaskan wilderness so unprepared. Chris is dynamic character at first appearance but can be summed up pretty easily. Chris is a spoiled and ignorant kid that can’t handle the pressure of modern day society so makes an attempt to live a simple, nomadic life style, which includes a fatal trip into the Alaskan wilderness. Chris realizes from his experience that society today is way better than it has ever been in the past. Several factors contributed to Chris McCandless’s death. Chris was very ignorant, refusing to accept any helpful items people offered him. He underestimated the full strength of the Alaskan wilderness. Also, he did not pack enough supplies for the nearly four month endeavor. Chris’s ignorance can also be described as arrogance when he says “I won’t run into anything that I can’t handle on my own”. Another quote from the book that emphasizes Chris’s arrogance is “Gallien offered to drive Alez all the way to anchorage, buy him some decent gear and then drive him back.”. “How is it that a kid with so much compassion can cause his parents so much pain”. It is because Christopher Mcandless was spoiled. Chris before his adventure was just a kid who didn't like his parents so he wanted to cause them pain and prove to himself that him and his parents were on different levels of intelligence, Chris being above them. They clearly were, but the opposite of what Chris thought, seeing as though dad was a rocket scientist. Chris's attitude throughout the book was no matter what he does its his parents fault, they messed up their kid and made him the way he is, which is logically true, but with a smart as Chris was this must have taken a real toll on his self esteem, just accepting the fact that he cant take responsibility for his own life. If Chris had been taken to a phycologist all of his problems could have been easily avoided when this concept was...
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