Interpersonal Communications Assignment

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Assignment 1

Task 1: Developing ICT skills – Discussion forum post and evaluation

I submitted the following two posts to the BESC1011 discussion forum for Activity 2: (N.B. I have edited the post for typographical errors).

Post 1.
Activity 2 finding ACAP's online resources
Monday, 24 September 2012, 03:56 PM
Well, I've just had a pleasant afternoon finding my way around the maze that's called Myacap. Wow. I've found I've ended up with a myriad of browser pages open, and got lost thinking I was finding things. I did find it, I'm sure I found it... Now where was it?? Anyway, I'll get there, I’m sure, and so will you. The Grail? Not yet, but I'm sure it's in there somewhere. Incidentally, folks, if you're having trouble finding the link to the Counselling and Therapy in Video resource, and you only get a 404 error, there's a broken link on the site. Your browser will be trying to point to and the link is broken. Instead, just try removing everything after -so you have and you'll get to the elibrary homepage where the link to the videos works. Good Luck! Post 2.

Activity 3.4 Managing Stress
Wednesday, 10 October 2012, 05:00 PM
 I've played sport in the past as a stress management tool - I was planning and then running a major community festival, and they were long days - it was a full-on, and if I wasn't working on it I was thinking about it. Baseball season started right in the middle of the planning and I nearly didn't play, but I did and found the focus on the game a real relief - Nothing else mattered for those three hours except me and the ball. My sleep patterns returned and though tired from the games, I was thoroughly relaxed. But I like this one.

You may have heard of Gangnam style - dancing like you're riding a horse - well sort of... It's come out of South Korea and it's big around the world right now. Anyway here's a bunch of Uni students who set up a flashmob in between classes. I reckon it did their stress levels no end of good! Hey Lynda, maybe we could do this for one of our video teletutorials! Task 2: Study plan covering three weeks including strategies

The study guide for Activity Three of BESC1011 referred me to RMIT. (2007). Learning styles: Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic Learning Preferences. Retrieved from

I undertook the VAK test. The results showed I am a visual learner with a kinaesthetic inclination. This concurs with my own understanding of my learning style.

I have developed a study plan incorporating this style, and provide a three week example below.

Three of the learning strategies I have incorporated in this plan and my study efforts are:  • to create a wall planner highlighting critical assignment dates and also non-academic activities that might either clash or be a much needed relief. • to use mind maps.

• to take frequent breaks.

I have found it necessary for me to tackle each session in bites. I have allocated specific time to open up the week’s session, do the reading, then at a later time go through the session material. In thinking or planning out, I just love Mind Maps – they categorise wonderfully. I can get heavily focussed, so taking breaks stops me working till I drop.

The five stress management strategies I have determined to remember to practice are: • to create a comfortable pattern of studying that fits into my life. • to set a regular schedule for study.

• to break tasks apart so they don’t daunt by being ‘too big’. • resolve to do it now, when now is now. To not procrastinate. • to make sure I have down-time when other activities come before studying.

If I can ‘regularise’ my study I think I will be better able to both keep up a...

References: Reference: Westwood, T. (2005). Academics’ dynamics: re-writing referencing, Psychodynamic Practice 11(2), 165-176.
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