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Friday 11 May 2012 (afternoon)
1 hour 30 minutes

Do not open this examination paper until instructed to do so. Answer two questions, each chosen from a different Topic.
Each question is worth [20 marks].
The maximum mark for this examination paper is [40 marks].
Questions in this paper must be answered with reference to events and developments in the twentieth century.
Where the word region is used in questions in this paper, it refers, unless otherwise defined, to the four regions which are the basis of the regional studies for Higher Level Paper 3.


6 pages
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-2Topic 1


Causes, practices and effects of wars


With reference to two examples, each chosen from a different region, assess the factors which helped and hindered successful guerrilla warfare.


Analyse the economic and social effects of two wars in the second half of the twentieth century.



To what extent were religious issues responsible for the wars between either India and Pakistan (1947-197J) or Iran and Iraq (1^80-1988)?


Analyse the reasons for, and importance of, foreign intervention in one of the following: the Chinese Civil War (1927-1949); the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939); the Gulf War (1991).


In what ways did advances in technology affect the nature and outcome of warfare in the first half of the twentieth century?


Assess the importance of each of the following in causing the First or the Second World War: nationalism; alliances; economic factors.


-3Topic 2


Democratic states - challenges and responses


Analyse the challenges faced by one democratic state in the first half of the twentieth century and the extent to which they were successfully dealt with.


"Proportional representation hindered rather than helped the establishment of a stable democracy" With reference to one twentieth century democratic state, explain to what extent you agree with this statement.


In what ways, and with what success, did Nehru deal with the economic and social problems facing India (1947-1964)?


Compare and contrast the attempts of Eisenhower and Kennedy to deal with two of the following issues: civil rights; social welfare; education.


By what methods, and with what success, was democracy established in South Africa (1991—2000)?


To what extent have gender rights or religious rights been promoted and protected in one twentieth century democratic state?


Turn over

-4Topic 3


Origins and development of authoritarian and single-party states


Assess the contribution of economic instability and lack of a united opposition to the rise to power of two leaders of single-party states, each chosen from a different region.


To what extent were either Kenyatta or Nyerere successful in dealing with the social and economic challenges facing the state after independence?


Compare and contrast the treatment of religious groups and minorities in two authoritarian or single-party states, each chosen from a different region.

16. Analyse the methods used by one single-party ruler to establish totalitarian control.


Assess the extent to which ideological appeal aided the rise and rule of one of the following: Sukarno; Nasser; Peron.


"Successful economic and social policies were essential for the single-party leader's maintenance of power." With reference to either Mao or Castro, to what extent do you agree with this statement?



Topic 4


Nationalist and independence movements in Africa and Asia and post-1945 Central and...
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