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21878 Organisational Dialogue: Theory & Practice AUT

Assignment 1: Essay

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Assignment Title: The Impacts of Poor Inter-Departmental Communication on Effectiveness of an Organisation and The Solutions to Improve Knowledge Sharing and Learning Across Intra-Organisational Boundaries from Managerial Perspective Student Name: Alper Akbalik

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Student Name :Alper Akbalik Student No: 11825318

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21878 Organisational Dialogue: Theory & Practice AUT

Assignment 1: Essay

Question 3

The three wise monkeys - hear... speak... see. However, the truth is the opposite as it can be remembered from the picture of three monkeys when it comes to communication between the departments within most organisations: they do not hear; they do not speak; they do not see. Humans are social creatures who tend to collaborate in the act of organisation. The most general definition of organisation is an organised group of people with a particular purpose (Miles 2012). To achieve this common goal they communicate with each other within an organisation. Co-action and communication have equal importance so that both organisational and individual resources are aimed at backing up collaboration in the companies (Coakes et al. 2008). When organisations grow, departmentation is inevitable and the more departments are specialised the greater the need for collaboration and cooperation (Clegg et al. 2011) (Schutz& Bloch 2006). There is a potentially high risk of deficient and defective communication between departments within this process of growth and, unfortunately, it is a common practice (Tourish & Hargie 2004). Consequently, inefficiency is the result of poor intra-departmental communication. Schutz and Bloch (2006) state that, as a result of weak communication, organisations lose time, money and quality and thus, they experience a fall in efficiency and effectiveness. Gondal and Shahbaz (2012) agree that, the failure of communication between departments can lead to a serious negative effect on the efficiency of a company and lifts the stress level among employees, finally resulting in low performance. A number of strategies can be applied to improve information exchange and learning through departments from a managerial point of view. This essay will argue some of the key issues that cause the problem: lack of an internal communication system; development of subcultures as a result of departmentation; lack of a common goal among departments. In addition, the following conceivable strategies and methods will be suggested and assessed: setting up a communication system; communication audit; supporting the communication system with new channels (such as internet-based business social media); creating or re-designing common...
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