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Topics: Causality, Global warming, Climate change Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: October 8, 2012
SOCTEC2 Integration Paper
By: Maria Roselle A. Vicencio

SOCTEC2 has been very interesting and helpful regarding the issues happening in the country. the topic about epistematic community lesson struck me the most. This community describes what issues that the people encounter and gives them advice of how people can do something about it. they may be described as a bigger group of researchers that supplies information to the society. This includes climate change and global warming. Years ago, it is said that climate change and global warming will be met in approximately decades in time. The epistematic community is very interesting because it does not only consist of chemists, zoologist, or geologist, the natural science experts but also engineers, psychologists, and sociologists. In short, to solve a problem, the people should work together and not only depend on certain people. Everyone should be part of the epistematic community striving for solutions.

SOCTEC2 made me realize how problems can be analyzed and solved through a set of principles and shared ideas. As what I have remembered from Fr. Canceran Ph.D., an epistematic community has a shared set of beliefs. Specificially, these are the normative, principled, and causal (cause and effect) beliefs. One example he gave is about the cause of heavy floods is due to the urbanization of Manila. In a simple case, it is about the cementation of grass grounds which led to the decrease of water absorption of the soil. It is amazing and wonderful on how an epistematic community corresponds to the whole society. Having an epistematic community should be the aim of every society. Basically, having a common share of knowledge and principles towards the betterment of the society with an epistematic organization is the recommended solution to the Philippines.

The course has served as a door to realize the reality of how technology affects the society. It has revealed that modernization, a product of the...
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