Integrating Four Skills in Clt Context

Topics: Climate change, Weather, Global warming Pages: 4 (1359 words) Published: September 24, 2010
In the history of language teaching, many methods and approaches have been used and developed. Among them ‘Communicative Language Teaching’ is now thought as the most influential or must-use one. It is clearly defined in the handout: “It would be fair to say that if there is any one umbrella approach to language teaching that has become the accepted "norm" in this field, it would have to be the Communicative Language Teaching Approach.” Below is a lesson plan which is based on the CLT approach and we try to integrate four macro skills in it. This lesson plan is designed for intermediate-level or sophomore students at SFLC, NUM. In the lesson, we are aiming at a result in which students are actually able to use the language about environment, especially about the climate change/global warming, both verbally and in writing. Even though it looks like each task focuses on different skill, every task is designed to integrate at least 2 skills of the four. Also, the lesson is a part of a sequence lesson which means in the previous class they have been introduced vocabulary related to the environment. The period of the lesson plan is an hour and a half. Lesson procedure

Warm-up: As a warm-up students are asked about the weather that day and previous day. The question is for the whole class; therefore anyone who feels comfortable to talk in front of the whole class can answer. Then they are asked to work in pairs to talk about their favorite weather. It’s a simple task to encourage the students and build confidence in them. The warm-up is about 10-15 minutes. Speaking: When the students are thought to be ready and confident enough, gradually turn the class into a discussion about climate change and global warming (causes of the climate changes, what’s happening in the world, what we can do about it, etc). Then they are divided into group of three and given statements of the Task 1. Students should discuss about the statement and when they are finished with it they...
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