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Table of Contents
1. Introduction2
2. Objectives2
3. What are Information systems? 2
3.1. Information system (IS) 2
3.2. Computer information system(s) (CIS) 2
4. Types of information systems 3
4.1. Computer (-Based) Information System4
5. How they assist in business planning? 5
5.1. Information Storage and Analysis 5
5.2. Assist With Making Decisions 6
5.3. Assist With Business Processes 6
5.4. Considerations 6
6. Examples of IS that are useful for communication 7
6.1. Information and communications technology (ICT)7
7. Conclusion7

This report is in detail, discuss about Information systems their types, how they assist in planning? And examples of IS are useful for communication.

1. Introduction
This report introduce Information system their types, how they assist in planning and examples how they are useful for communication?

2. Objectives
Demonstrate advance skills in the application of the key component of the communication & IT process and justify its importance within a business environment. Identify and apply essential communication & IT skills to facilitate educational and professional development. Demonstrate how to use the various methods of communication and IT software/hardware within a complex business environment and demonstrate how to use MS word for report writing and documentation.

3. What are Information systems?

3.1. Information system (IS)
Information system is the study of complementary networks of hardware and software that people and organizations use to collect, filter, process, create, and distribute data. The study bridges business and computer science using the theoretical foundations of information and computation to study various business models and related algorithmic processes within a computer science discipline.

3.2. Computer information system(s) (CIS)
Computer information system is a field studying computers and algorithmic processes, including their principles, their software and hardware designs, their applications, and their impact on society while IS emphasizes functionality over design. Any specific information system (IS) aims to support operations, management and decision making. In a broad sense, the term is used to refer not only to the information and communication technology (ICT) that an organization uses, but also to the way in which people interact with this technology in support of business processes.

Some authors make a clear distinction between information systems, computer systems, and business processes. Information systems typically include an ICT component but are not purely concerned with ICT, focusing instead on the end use of information technology. Information systems are also different from business processes. Information systems help to control the performance of business processes. Alter argues for advantages of viewing an information system as a special type of work system. A work system is a system in which humans and/or machines perform work (processes and activities) using resources to produce specific products and/or services for customers. An information system is a work system whose activities are devoted to processing (capturing, transmitting, storing, retrieving, manipulating and displaying) information. As such, information systems inter-relate with data systems on the one hand and activity systems on the other. An information system is a form of communication system in which data represent and are processed as a form of social memory. An information system can also be considered a semi-formal language which supports human decision making and action. Information systems are the primary focus of study for organizational informatics

4. Types of information systems

Figure : Types of Information Systems.

A four level pyramid model of different types of Information Systems based on the...
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