Information System

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Identify the different Information Systems they are using, and determine what type of IS does it fall? Describe the process how they apply those kind of Information System. * If given a chance, would you recommend another or optional information system to be used? What type? And Why? Benefits of using information system for the organization?

Note: Maximum students per group are three (3). You may opt to do it alone. To be presented BRIEFLY on Tuesday 6-25-13
Submit a hardcopy of the report. Short bond paper. * Write your selected establishment/organization on the group.


McDonald's objective is to offer the customers the great convenience and great- tasting food that they enjoy. McDonald offer great value in its way of service, also in its menu it provide extensive and Variety of food, first from the breakfast McMuffins to Burgers to Desserts (Sundae/McFlurry) to Happy Meals and for the families there are also special meals such as Family meal. In its menu McDonald considerate in five main ingredients: beef, chicken, bread, potatoes and milk. 

Menu Choices offer a variety of safe, high-quality food products that can fit into balanced, active lifestyles. Restaurants typically serve several types of hamburgers, grilled and fried chicken products, and fish and, in many cases, salads, fruits, and additional sandwich options. Local business units are adding new salad, fruit, and vegetable offerings. Local business units are also expanding Happy Meal choices to include new sandwich, side, and beverage alternatives. These reflect a System-wide goal of ensuring that Happy Meals remain a choice moms feel good about and children enjoy. Also, there is McDonalds Play Place that provide children with a fun, safe environment for active play.

And of course McDonald realize the importance of the supply chain in maintaining quality , so McDonalds aims to create long-term with limited number of supplier partners , Suppliers keen to ensure that they can meet McDonalds required standards .

McDonald stress that their own standard are based on quality , value and cleanliness, They say that they place food safety programs , They also said that they know where all product ingredients come from , That will enable the company to control every line in the supply chain . For McDonalds food safety is very important, because the reputation can be seriously damaged if a thing goes wrong. Email This

Information system
Information System

An information system (IS) collects, processes, stores, analyzes, and disseminates information for a specific purpose. Like any other system, an information system includes inputs (data, instructions) and outputs (reports, calculations). It processes the inputs by using technology such as PCs and produces outputs that are sent to users or to other systems via electronic networks and a feedback mechanism that controls the operation.

Information systems generally are classified into five categories:  office information systems, transaction processing systems,  management information systems, decision support systems,
and expert systems.

McD Information system
There are many types of  information systems used in McDonalds such as :

     Transaction Processing System (TPS)

First transaction happens when two people make an exchange, and collecting data about it called transaction processing, so transaction processing is collecting, storing, modifying, and retrieving the transactions of an organization. Transaction system is important to answer routine questions, and it helps to conduct business such as payroll, employee record keeping or paying an employee. It's important to store the data of the transaction save and protected because transaction generally involves an exchange of money which is critical to any organization. ...
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