Information Quality, Sharing, and Overload - Case Work

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Information Quality, Sharing, and Overload
The three organizations to be discussed in this summary are: Frito-Lay, Vangard, and an automotive parts supplier. The three mini Case Studies all show the need for a better method of storing, sharing and transferring of knowledge. Frito-Lay and Vangard share a common theme in that they both need to improve in house knowledge management; with the ultimate goal of using this to improve their services to their customers. The parts supplier on the other hand, needs a more structured method of taking in house knowledge and combining it with external knowledge streams with the goal of making better purchasing decisions that will allow lower stock levels, higher inventory turns, and better price discounts.

Frito-Lay understood that they had valuable knowledge stored throughout the organization in an unorganized, unstructured fashion. Because of this, the same questions were asked over and over by many departments. This placed undue stress on support staff and unnecessary costs. Additionally, many salespeople had useful information stored on their individual systems that wasn’t even accessible by support staff. Current knowledge transfer was more geared around physical meetings that required travel. Vangard was very similar to Frito-Lay in that they had no central storage of knowledge that could easily be searched online by employees. The biggest difference between Frito-Lay and Vangard, however, is that Vangard’s primary form of interaction with its customer was its website. The needed to better manage knowledge in house but also need a better way of communicating this knowledge to their customers. The parts suppliers needed a system that would combine regular sales data and inventory levels with OEM supplier promotions and current on line ordering systems. They also needed a simulation facility that would enable trial order runs to analyze results. Frito-Lay already had a functional corporate intranet. They decided...
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