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21 January 2014

SUBJECT: The Profession of Arms

1. Purpose. To facilitate an Army-wide dialog about our Profession of Arms.

2. Facts.

a. The Army is a Profession of Arms. Professions produce uniquely expert work, not routine or repetitive work. The military profession, in particular, must provide the security which expertise according to the values held by the Nation. The Army, a Profession of Arms, is a vocation comprised of experts certified in the ethical application of land combat power, serving under civilian authority, entrusted to defend the Constitution and interests of the American people.

b. Army culture is the system of shared meaning held by its Soldiers, “the shared attitude, values, goals, and practices that characterize the larger institution over time.” It is essentially “how we do things around here.”

c. The heart of the Army is the Army’s Ethic. The Army’s Ethic is the moral values, principles and martial virtues embedded in its culture that inspire and regulate ethical behavior by both Soldiers and the U.S. Army in the application of land combat in defense of and service to the Nation. The Army protects the rights and interests of the American People by conducting military operations in the service of government policy in a manner that respects the basic human rights of other.

d. Trust is the cornerstone for the Army’s relationship with the American people.

e. This White Paper is intended to supply the framework and common language needed to begin a dialog among Army professionals about ourselves and our culture both as individuals and as a revered and effective military institution.

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