Industrial Revolution

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Question: How were the evils of the Industrial Revolution addressed in England in the eighteenth and ninteenth centuries?

The Industrial Revolution was a time of greatness for some and for others difficult. As a result of this revolution, many demands for better working conditions and protection for workers arose. The government and the union both began to act upon these demands for workers. Some reforms they created include the Health and Morals Act of 1802 and the Factory Act of 1833. Also, many people got involved and started stating their opinions on changes that England should make to their governement and political views. This was how the different "evils" of the Industrial Revolution were addressed. The Health and Morals Act of 1802 and the Factory Act of 1833 were reforms created by the government and the union of England. These reforms mostly effected child labor in England. The excerpts in Document #3 and Document #4, set a minimum age of employment (9), how long children under fourteen could work in a day (12 hours). Also, improved working conditions for children by not allowing people under the age of eighteen to work with machinery during the night. Lastly, they would not be allowed to work over sixty-nine hours a week. In order to enforce these new acts, inspectors would be sent to the work sites to make sure these acts were being carried out. It was known that most workplaces abused their child workers by underpaying and overworking them and they wouldn’t even realize it. These acts were established to shine a light on the “evil” working conditions and child labor abuse. People in England also started expressing their ideas on how the government should run. These people made sure it was their statements were made public by publishing their ideas in books, and petitions. These “people” included Adam Smith and the Chartist. Adam Smith put forth his idea of how the governement should have a role in the economy. According to Document...
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