Industrial Revolution

Topics: Working class, Karl Marx, Social class Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: April 15, 2013
History 111b
Industrial Revolution
The Industrial revolution is best described as a historical phenomenon combining capitalism with technology. While capitalism is the belief that an individual can increase their own property and wealth, capital is the “tool” used to produce the goods and services needed to achieve this idea. The Industrial revolution gave way to a means where society could produce more wealth and took the role of the government out of the equation. While both positive and negative effects were felt among different social classes, many important political and economic ideas were formed.

The Industrial Revolution began in England where agriculture and land was abundant. Having established ports of trade were also very important. The use of technology such as steam engines, mechanical weavers, and spinners increased production immensely. Along with an already formed global trading system, urbanizations of port and railroad crossing towns became prominent. This led to increasing rural wealth and urbanization for poor farmers. It also provided many jobs for unskilled laborers and made them dependent on earned wages and not farming for survival. While the advances in technology and new jobs appeared to be beneficial, both positive and negative effects on different social classes began to occur.

Both the upper and middle classes found the Industrial revolution to be favorable. Upper class individuals became involved in capitalist ventures and investing. Members of the middle class, capitalists benefitted the most. While owning business and factories, they also had access to consumer goods from around the world that were formerly unatianable.During this time, a cult of domesticity began. It was not socially accepted for women to “stay home” to care for their children or do any type of physical work. Women of the middle class hired women of the lower class to care for their children and do household chores while they participated in volunteer work...
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