Indonesia- Not a Building Block for Globalization

Topics: Climate change, Global warming, Greenhouse gas Pages: 4 (1327 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Indonesia- not a Building Block for Globalization
The world is getting smaller, just as a California poppy grows smaller as it closes in on itself every night. The flower grows closer together by drawing its petals inward so that they become much closer to the rest of the petals. The poppy does this to protect its pollen. The world is getting smaller and growing closer together due to globalization. Globalization is the rising of the global economy. As more and more markets trade with each other, countries become more and more drawn to other countries—countries that have resources they need or want. Nowadays, nothing is too far away. A business man or women could go from one side of the world to the other in a matter of hours! Because of this globalization is rising. There are many countries that are helping globalization come to full bloom; however, there aren’t helping. One of them is Indonesia. Indonesia has more problems than are permissible for a country to have, who wants to contribute to Globalization. Indonesia has too many disadvantages for it to be of any significant use to others in the world. Such disadvantages include: pollution in both people and the land, and climate change greatly affecting the nation.

Pollution has occurred all over Indonesia. Not only has its land become polluted, but so to have its people become polluted with corruption. To put in closer perspective, the Indonesian government has trouble controlling its military and police forces and because of this they have been able to do very many bad things. “International surveys have rated Indonesia among the most corrupt nations in the world” (M. Ember & C.R. Ember). The police, former military members, have been known to participate in violent outburst rather than stopping them. As can be interpreted by the quote above, this fact is not a secret, and yet the government does not stop the army. It doesn’t have enough power to stop them. Another example of the corruption in the...
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