Indochinese Communist Party

Topics: Vietnam, Communist state, Ho Chi Minh Pages: 3 (1210 words) Published: March 24, 2014

Indochinese Communist Party Heads the Independence Movement in 1940’s Communism in Vietnam in the 1940’s was coming to the forefront. Not only that, the Indochinese Communist Party (ICP) was making headway, as one of the largest parties in Vietnam, on Vietnams fight for independence. There are many reasons why the ICP were at the forefront; among those is France’s Downfall in 1939 followed by the revitalization of the ICP, the debate over “person-hood,” Famine during the late part of WWII which was blamed on France, the Vietminh, and the literature of the time. With these happenings the ICP would help make their way to being one of the strongest political parties in Vietnam and make their way to being the forefront of the Vietnamese Independence movement. The ICP although may have not been the biggest political party in Vietnam coming into the 1940’s, it had members all throughout Indochina and some in southern China. This strong backing from neighboring countries allowed the ICP to work to strengthen their cause even with the French trying to stop it. Being able to have a backing in other countries gives a common ground which also helps with recruitment and getting up a strong following. The heart of the issue for Vietnam, and what caused all of these parties who wanted Independence to rise was Imperialism. The French after WWI had turned to Indochina to help heal its losses and bring it back from the destruction of the war. After the war they set up new factories with low wages for Vietnamese workers, they took land to establish plantations which drove peasants into further poverty, and they imposed public loans upon the Vietnamese. Ho Chi Minh in a speech says “they reduced us to wretchedness.”1 This mistreatment by the French lead to an increase in nationalism and a people’s want to be free from the tyranny of their oppressors. This was just the beginning of the fuel for the flame that would become communism in Vietnam. By the 1940’s, Vietnam and all of...
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