Individual Freedom

Topics: Morality, Sociology, Sigmund Freud Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: July 6, 2014
To what extent is individual freedom over the sets of rules and moral values established by our society?

An article was published on La Nación, Argentinian newspaper, that tackles individual freedom over the sets of rules and moral values established by our society. The article presents the life situation of the Argentinian actress, Dolores Fonzi, who admitted smoking weed not minding her children’s presence. This caused a dispute over people, some in favour, and some against criticizing what she was doing. We all agree upon the fact that we have got the right to do whatever we want in the privacy of our home. However, aren’t there limits? There certainly are. According to our society, we are free; still we must follow a set of rules. For instance, killing somebody at home is penalized by society. Thus,you are not only transgressing the law but also, moral bounds. The Argentinian Constitution states that the consumption of weed is illegal but not penalized as long as they don’t alter public order nor affect third parties. This portrays a characteristic of our society, which might be considered from an apollonian view, society in terms of rules and order. This refers to Apollo from Greek Mythology who was the God of reason and the rational. People who think Dolores action is unacceptable, have an apollonian view on society. People, who support Dolores Fonzi’s behaviour, approach to the Ubermensch concept, which states that people must live setting their own limits never minding rules imposed by society. So, if her case is seen from this point of view, to what extent are her actions to be penalized? “ The-counter drugs are equally or more harmful than illegal. The state should not intervene despite the suffering of another, except that an individual has certain obligations which aren´t possible to fulfil as a damage of the consumption.” Dolores stated that she could always fulfil her duties in spite of smoking weed, so there´s no reason to consider her actions...
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