India as a Communist Country

Topics: Communism, Communist state, Marxism Pages: 5 (1722 words) Published: September 1, 2013
Step back in time, about fifty years or so. The citizens of the country are tired of living in the conditions that they live in. There is extreme wealth on one hand and undeniable poverty on the other. A family of three lives in a house with 8 bedrooms, sleeping snugly with full stomachs. On the other hand, a mother gives up her ragged blanket and tucks in her five starving children as they shiver on the cold, damp floor of their hut. Times are tough, but the people have had enough. A revolt breaks out, seeking to overthrow the existing government, for they believe that the reason for their despair lies in the inefficient functioning of the political powers.

The revolution has ended and the people have overthrown the government. India is now a fully communist country. The Communist Party has absolute control over the lives of the people, be it involving their education, their employment or their marriage. So basically, at the beginning of the revolt, these people had no clue that things would get slightly hectic and out of hand. Sure, the idea of a communist nation seems pretty reassuring. Everyone gets an equal share of property and capital, leading to the abolition of the class division and the caste system. The entire economy is in the hands of the government, which ensures employment to those seeking jobs. All in all, the big picture is that of one big happy nation. Is it really? Or are looks, like always, deceiving? True, communism provides a lifestyle that fulfills the necessities of man practically, but what about emotionally? What about having a dream and working towards it? Where does that come in when the government has made equalization so strict that it's basically the same as chaining up your dreams and goals and aspirations? What about falling in love? What about self confidence and pride in the fact that you've worked hard and achieved something? Communism, my friends, is a prince with a heart of stone. Appealing in every way, though from a far. Though the minute you get close enough, you see the blunt, emotionless side to him. The kind makes you want to pick up your dress and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction while making sure not to drop your slipper, so that he doesnt come looking for you.

While looking at India as a communist country, there are a lot of factors to consider. In a country with such vast political and cultural diversities, its impossible to figure out a whole story from only a single point of view. A change that seems to fit in perfectly well with one person may be the same change that devastates another. We may never be sure of the exact impact anything has on a person, but we can always try to understand, try to assume, and that is what we shall do through this essay.

If anything, in today's world India is recognized by it's elaborate variety of religions. And it's true! I dont think there is any other country in the entire world that shows the kind of religious diversity that is shown by India. Although we cant forget, religion in communism is something completely different than what it would have been pre-communism. And in this case scenario, India is a communist country. The Communist Party works towards the suppression of religion, seeing as their goal is to attain equalization and that would never be possible with the differences in religion. This attempt, of trying to abolish the idea of religion, ignites heavy, wrath filled rebellious fires within the handful that strongly believe in religion and are willing to stand against the ways and workings of communism, not out right, but in more of a hushed manner. Not through violent riots and aggression but through silent prayers and headstrong belief. They are rebelling, simply by believing.

Although, religion isn't the only thing that once divided people. There is always caste differentiation, gender discrimination and class division. Seeing that the top priority of The Communist Party is to rid the country of...
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