Implementing New Discipline of Tourism and Hospitality Management

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Implementing new discipline of tourism and Hospitality Management 6 May 2013
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ourism is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world and our university builds on the specialist experience of its staff and its internationally recognized research to lead this programme.

The Degree/Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management take an international perspective and is designed to provide you with the essentials of a sound underpinning in business and a thorough understanding of the tourism sector. In addition you will be encouraged to develop skills in relation to practical research and decision making in tourism business environment to ensure a balance between the acquisition of conceptual and practical knowledge.

The program is ideal for student who wants to develop skill in the management and marketing of tourism and travel. You may already be working in the industry and want to enhance your knowledge or you may be looking to gain skills that would enable you to join this vibrant industry. When you have completed the degree, will have the necessary skills and knowledge to purse career1 in the management and marketing of tourism in both privet and public sectors, for both direct providers and for consultancy and support agencies. You will also have the necessary research skills to pursue further study.

Required Qualifications
* Five passes of G.C.E.O/L or London O/L
* Three passes of G.C.E. A/L or London A/L in any discipline. Or
* At least one year industrial training.
Apply soon, very limited application for sir Lanka
Course Structure
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