Implementation of an Information or Knowledge Management System

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BSBINM501A – Manage an Information or Knowledge Management System

Assessment Task 1 – Report

Implementation of an information or knowledge management system

Student name: grisjma


Table of Contents
2.Developing training plans3
2.1Staff’s learning needs3
Name of activity3

Details (provider, location etc)3



2.2Resources required4
2.3Implementation of learning opportunities4
2.4Promoting and supporting the system4
2.5Effectiveness of learning activities4
3.Managing use of the system4
3.1Monitoring policies and procedures4
3.2Measuring performance5
3.3Contingency plan5
4.System review5
4.1Strengths and limitations of the system5
4.2Addressing the needs of the organization5


SingTel Optus pty limited is the second largest telecommunication company primarily trades under the opt us brand, while maintaining several wholly owned subsidiary brand, such as Virgin Mobile Australia and Boost Mobile in the mobile telephone market. Telecom in the network services market and Alphabet in the ICT services sector. Optus can trace its beginnings back to the formation of the government. Owned AUSSAT pty. limited in 1981.In 1982,AUSSAT select the Hughes 376 for their initial satellites, with the first, AUSSAT a1,launced in august 1985.

Developing training plans

1 Staff’s learning needs

Training are directly related to the skills, knowledge, and strategies necessary to do a particular job. Which include teaching staffs members, new skills exposing them to unfamiliar ideas, giving them chance to practise and get feedback on particular technique or styles of working with people or simply, encouraging them to discuss their work with one another. And it can and should be outgoing throughout a staff members employment.

Table 1 . Training needs analysis
|Employability skills |Level required to operate SingTel|Level Achieved? |Learning needs | | | |(Y/N) | | |Teamwork |Working interpedently towards the|Y | | | |organization’s goals. | | | | |Trust or enhancing the skills of |Y | | | |the participates. | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Problem solving |Relation among the management |N |Decision among the upper level | | |funtions and decisions | | | |Planning and organization |Specific targets to achieve |y | | |Planning and organisation |Organization strategies |N |Identifying the key business | | | | |process. | |Self management |Dedication towards the jo they |y...
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