Impact of Global Warming and Countermeasures

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The impact of global warming and countermeasures
Since the Western industrialized, the world's population has increased dramatically. Human have powerful large-scale production and economic activities in increasingly, a large number of reclaimed land, plundering and destruction of forest resources, a lot of burning of chemical raw materials, the release of large amounts of greenhouse gases, causing the atmosphere composition changes, is resulting in a warming global climate. Of American Scientists (1979) estimated that, if the increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration times the global average temperature will increase by 1.5 ℃ ~ 4.5 ℃. Further studies have indicated that if humans continue to release of greenhouse gases in accordance with the current rate, then the effective doubling of CO2 will appear in about 2060. So the magnitude of warming will become faster than before which our planet have not experienced to the last ten years, in other words, in the coming decades, the temperature of our planet will experience an unprecedented high point in human history. The latest scientific research shows that: nearly 100 years, the average global temperature has experienced a cold - warm - cold - warm twice fluctuations. The overall look of an upward trend, into the 1980s, global temperatures increased significantly than a hundred years ago. The 1981-1990 global average temperature increased by 0.48 ° C. The warming trend is consistent with the general trend around the world. According to the latest observational results released by the China Meteorological Administration, China over the past century (1908-2007), the average surface temperature increased by 1.1 ° C, has experienced warmer winters since 1986 to 2007, since systematic meteorological observations in 1951 since the warmest year. For the past 30 years, China's coastal sea surface temperature increased by 0.9 ℃, the coastal sea-level rise of 90 mm. Global climate warming will change throughout the temperature field and affect the laws governing. The operation of the atmosphere around the evaporation and the spatial and temporal distribution of precipitation will change; warming caused by sea water, melting glaciers and sea water heat expansion will raise sea levels rise. All this is bound to human survival of the resources and the environment, including water, energy, land, forests, oceans, human health, species, resources, ecosystems and agricultural production of the significant impact and cause many still estimated to a significant impact. 1. A global warming of the impact of agroforestry

(1) Global warming will significantly increase the effective accumulated temperature of various parts of China, to extend the frost-free period, which improved cropping index, and cause thermophilic crops northern boundary to the high-latitude extension and crop-producing areas of geographic displacement. This means that our current range of crops, climatic regionalization is likely to change. Some crops suitable for planting area will become no longer appropriate and the emergence of some new suitable growing areas. Around farming arrangements will be significant changes may occur. Growing areas moved northward course conducive to the expansion of agricultural land, the newly reclaimed land due to poor soil or water are scarce, most difficult to obtain high yield. The northward movement of the crop is more vulnerable to the threat of the sudden drop in low temperature. (2) Global warming will make a large number of glaciers melting, sea-level rise. Since the 19th century, mountain glaciers worldwide are almost large-scale retreat. NOAA satellite observed snow cover data indicate that: global snow cover area decreased by 9% to 13% since 1980. The British Antarctic expedition scientists via satellite observations found in the Larsen Ice Shelf, one like the Oxford Shire (about 2900 square kilometers) of icebergs from the Antarctic ice sheet separation, and gradually...

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