The Impact of Globalization

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The Impact of Globalization

In today's modern world we take things for granted, such as the luxury of the Internet and cell phones, or how easy it is to communicate with someone half a globe away. Before 1989, people were confined in their own country and knew only what was going on in their country. Internet, emails, and cell phones were non-existent. Long distance communication was a hassle and obtaining information was not just a simple click away. When the Berlin Wall came down, it marked the official end of the Cold War System. People could start sharing ideas and innovations with the whole world and soon the Cold War system was replaced by the newer, faster, better system called "Globalization." The new system has revolutionized the way we communicate, do business, and Political changes in our government. Globalization has made the life of the people easier and better then ever before in human history. Business now can do so much more internationally rather than being confined to serve locally. Globalization is not just another passing trend in the 20th century, it is here to stay and with time, it can only get better.

In Thomas Friedman's The Lexus and the Olive Tree, he defines globalization: "It is the inexorable of markets, nation-states and technologies to a degree never witnessed before-in a way that is enabling the world to reach into individuals, corporations and nation-states farther, faster, deeper, cheaper, than ever before" (Friedman, 9). The Cold War system is characterized by division, you side either with Russia or the United States. Your economic system is either communism or capitalism. The new international Globalization system is characterized by integration, your success depends on who are you connected to. In the Cold War system the United States and the Soviet Union are always in charge, and in the globalization system the Internet is what everybody is connected. Since no one or two people can fully control the Internet, no one is in charge.

The idea of free-market capitalism is the driving force behind Globalization. Globalization means the spread of free-market capitalism around the world, the more you the free-market rule, the more efficient your economy will be. In order for your country to compete against others, you have to open your country more to free trade and competition. You also have to follow the economic rules that involve opening, deregulating, and privatizing the economy. (Friedman, 9) How globalization affects the political powers of the country is shown through three balances that over overlap with one another. The first is the traditional balance between nation-states, there has to be a stable balance of power between the U.S. and other countries for the globalization system to work. The second balance in the globalization system is between nation-states and global market. The government needs the support of the global market, because without globalization, it can cause a huge impact on the economy of the country. The third balance is between the nation-states and individuals. Globalization has given individuals more power to influence the markets and nation-states, because they can act directly on the world stage. These individuals can impact the country economically and politically with all the tools from globalization. The globalization system explains everything that is happening today in the world, such as the global integration of technology, finance, trade, and information in a way that is influencing wages, interest rates, living standards, culture, job, opportunities, and wars all over the world. (Friedman, 28) Globalization is influencing more people in more ways at the same time than any other international system has in the past.

I think the globalization system has brought a lot of positives to the people around the world. Economically, the globalization system has increased the international trade between countries faster than before. It promotes more...

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