Immorality of using drones in warfare

Topics: Morality, Utilitarianism, Human Pages: 5 (1736 words) Published: February 12, 2014
Inhumane usage of unmanned aircrafts in war fare
Drones are known as male bees but lately, United States have planned of using drones in their war fares, which are unmanned aircraft that are controlled by human beings using a computer program, thinking that it will avoid human casualties and it will help them in war missions and objectives. In this paper, we will explain why the usage of drones in wars is an immoral act. Immorality is a state of being in a conflict with the generally or traditionally held moral principles. Moral principles are those standards on when shall we to say that an act is right or wrong. In setting those standards, we used the theory of Utilitarianism, whose purpose of morality is to make the world a better place and is concerned about producing good consequences and not on having good intentions. People set standards to determine if an act is right or wrong, and that is the law. The law exemplifies, forbids and justifies. Some examples on how different laws incorporated with Utilitarianism are executed are as follows: If imprisoned, you are judged to be guilty of your deed, and with our thinking, when a person is guilty and imprisoned, he did an immoral act. Killing a dangerous yet an endangered animal can make you imprisoned for months or even years, Killing a widely known criminal can still result to lifetime imprisonment and when it is a number of people, it may result to capital punishment, and etc. War is a conflict between two or more group of people, starting from someone’s pain cultivated and shared to others. Releasing it would be destruction, thus, resulting to a war. With these, we can conclude that it started from immorality. In war, we cannot avoid disorder, human casualties, and a lot of disturbances; there would be noises, screams, loud cries and shouts of pain. There would not be a fair fight when drones are used. There is a man controlling the drones far away from the battle grounds with his life at less risk while his opponents on the battle grounds, facing the unmanned aircrafts, are willing to sacrifice their lives for their aims and objectives. It will just be a one to one thousand battle.

Relatively cheap and easy to operate, these are the drones. Their strikes are precise since they are programmed to that task. Any command will surely be followed by another and they have nothing to worry if they encountered problems while using it since it they are controlling it thousands of kilometers away from their base, it entails no risk to the user.

Drone strikes are far cries from those atomic or hydrogen bombs and nuclear bombing of the whole cities since the attacks of it are calculated but still, the horrors of wars does not seem to diminish when it is in a reduced scale. They are a great advantage with the fact that they attacked on their aims that are precisely calculated but even if the person is that skillful, he can be affected by war. It may not be physical but emotional and mental. Just thinking that the person who controls the drones bears the sorrow of seeing those dying people he attacked who, in any case, have no debt on him. Drones are just as good as the intelligence that guides it. Their performance would be so high if and only if the one that controls them is skillful enough to determine what is the right move or not. Intelligence are not found in these situations, considering that they are affected by their desire to overcome the power of the opponent, their hatred overcome them.

Basically, drones do not filter out unarmed people or important individuals to be excused in their strikes, they just follow the commands given to them, hence, people on a certain area will all be killed in a blink of an eye. In a push of a button, many lives would easily be eradicated - including innocent people - making killing as an easy job.

When killing would be too easy, morality would be negative. Why negative? When there is no war, morality is there, it can be found...
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