Immorality: Morality and Thai People

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Value Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: March 18, 2013

Immorality refers to any morally wrong actions. This word has very wide meaning, so many actions included in this word. Many actions are immoral. But in my opinion, the most serious immoral actions is the abortion

In Thailand, abortion is illegal. Moreover, it does not get along with Thai’s culture, tradition, religious, and value. I think the reason of this phenomenon is the change of the value. In the past, Thai people believed that women have to be well-behaved. They can not even touch with the men. All of them preserve their virginity until they have a marriage. Moreover, they proud of themselves to be like this.

Now, Thai girls are having a serious misunderstanding. They adopt the value which to live with boyfriend before marring from the westerner without any understanding. In fact, the goal of this value is to try to live together before they decide to marry. They want to know that can do they live together happily but for Thai girls, they just think to have sexual relationship before marrying.

The result of the above lets many social problems to Thailand. Many girls get pregnant. Most of them decide to have an abortion. Some of them do not, but hey ignore their children and left them in many places such as hospitals, bins, or any places. They have to realize that what they have done is correct or not. The value from the western is good but they do in the wrong way. So, many problems occur and there rarely to find the solution because now it is the national problems of Thailand.

Another reason is materialism value that expanded all over the world, especially in Thailand. Many Thai students decide to work as a prostitute, just only to have much money to spend with their luxurious items. They don’t care about many problems that will follow them. Sexual infectious disease and pregnancy will be their problems. Most of the students who get pregrant decided to have an abortion. Because they are students, they are sure to be...
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