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1.How does Ikea generate customer loyalty?
In marketing practice , customer loyalty is defined as continuity of customers’ buying behavior . It refers to the dependence and recognition that customer received from products or services. The behavior that consumers adhere to have long-term purchase or use of the products or services to exhibited a high degree of trust and loyalty of the extent of the thoughts and emotions. It is a client of enterprise products in the long term evaluation competitive advantages exhibited and bringing even more customers.

There are three ways Ikea used to attract customer loyalty and they are low price, unique Nordic design and providing different service to match local conditions. Ikea not only provides leading-edge Scandinavian design at bargain prices, but also try to use some Sweden name to help consumers to remember. Ikea trying to cut back its products’ price by purchasing of raw materials from nearly whole world year by year. What doesn’t surprise me is that Ikea always try to provide special services to make themselves more suitable for local market.

Creating a loyal base of customers is not an easy task, but it is one investment that will pay dividends if done correctly. This high degree of loyalty is the true source of corporate profits

2.How does a company evaluate the influences on customer behavior? Consumer behavior is the actions which including prior to the decision making process that consumer to obtain , use and disposal of consumer goods or services that the various actions taken.

Individual and psychological factors that influence consumer behavior : the need and motivation ; perception ; learning and memory ; attitude ; personality , self-concept and lifestyle Environmental factors that influence consumer behavior : culture ; social class ; social groups ; home.

If a company want to evaluate the influences on customer behavior, there are several things they need to follow: Firstly, they should...
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