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1.(a) Is Information Technology as vital to modern global business as money? Why or why not? Discuss some trends in IT development. Ans:
In the world of globalization, Information system is such where data are collected, classified and put into process interpreting the result thereon in order to provide an integrated series of information for further communicating and analyzing. In a progressively more spirited worldwide atmosphere, Information System plays the role as ‘enabler and facilitator’, which endows with tactical values to the officialdom and considerable step up to the excellence of administration. ‘An Information System is a particular type of work system that uses information technology to detain, put on the air, store, retrieve, manipulate or display information, thereby partisan one or more other work structure’. In totting up to taking sides assessment making, co-ordination and control, information systems may also help managers and workers investigate problems, envisage complex subjects and generate new merchandise or services. Information technology has become the backbone of fortune 500 companies and many a great wonders in medicine. The capabilities of information systems required depend on the type of business. I am specifying information systems capabilities for Professional Services. Key System Capabilities

The data and business processes of consulting organizations cross all phases of the engagement lifecycle: selling, planning, delivering, collecting and support. A system with real-time integration helps reduce the amount of manual entry, decreases IT costs, and helps the company to be more responsive to customers. A business system should leverage the tools consultants use on a day-to-day basis, such as Microsoft Office System and Microsoft Office Project, and they should have a flexible architecture, so it's easy to integrate with other tools, add-ons, and existing applications. Reliability, Stability, and Security

Secure business computing is critical, and not only for the obvious reasons. When the clients know their data is in safe hands, it can be a competitive advantage for the company. Global Capability

Capabilities such as multiple currency, multiple language, localization, and global customer support are critical for companies that cross, or want to be prepared to cross geographic, cultural, and business borders. Simplicity and Ease of Use

A system with a single source for data entry, an intuitive user interface, and minimal IT overhead will shorten learning curves, create higher morale among your team, and allow to do more with less. Project Planning and Scheduling

It's important to structure projects so they reflect the best practices of the firm, make sense to firm’s prospect, and ensure efficient use of resources. It's equally important that you collect resource and cost information and use it in your reporting. Critical path schedules help ensure the highest priority work gets done, and portfolio management capabilities help consulting firms identify trends and focus on the most critical projects. HR Management

Competitive management consulting firms recruit, develop, deploy, and support their professional resources effectively. They have a complete understanding of the current and past skills and availability of staff and future scheduled demands including those in the sales pipeline. With such a view, one can assemble the skills most valued by the client and, thus, command good billing rates. And, with this view, firm can strategically hire, deploy, and develop resources that match the needs of project portfolio. Risk Management

Clients have become wary of the risks inherent in consulting projects. A business software system can help the firm provide them with a choice among scenarios based on modeling of various risk trade-offs. A business software system can also help to configure workflow-driven approval processes and critical path schedules early on....
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