If I Became President

Topics: Soviet Union, Cold War, United States Pages: 4 (1408 words) Published: March 12, 2006
"If I were President"
Hello my fellow Americans, I come to you today to address the complex issues facing our society in this contentious time. The biggest concern of my administration is our foreign and domestic policy issues. Let me take the time to familiarize the American people with our policies and where we stand today with them. I want to assure the American people that my administration is doing the utmost best in resolving these issues. We will all have to make small sacrifices in order to take a giant step forward. One of those sacrifices of course was the passing on of my predecessor John F. Kennedy, lets take the moment to honor a great man and leader. We also have to reflect on one of our greatest achievements for the decade, which involves the successful mission of Apollo 11 touching down on the moon and Neil Armstrong taking the first step on the surface, Unites States greatest achievement. Domestic Policy

(Topic Civil Rights)
Our first order of business tonight is to discuss some growing issues within our borders. One of the problems I will be discussing is Civil Rights in regards to segregation in this country. Let me define exactly what civil rights and segregation are. Civil Rights in the simplest terms are the right for all to be equal. It is also the right for all to be eligible to receive the same rights and respect as others. Segregation is the physical action or process of separating based on race, and gender. In the simplest terms Segregation is the lack of respect of enforcement of civil rights. This problem is not new for us, but after generation to generation this issue will be passed on through family values. I want to remind you Segregation is morally wrong and illegal. "Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlaws discrimination on the basis of race religion, and sex; discrimination in private business that serve the general public, and discrimination in public facilities"(RosenBerg pg. 139). This is a law my administration will...
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