Idian Culture and Omani Culture

Topics: Islam, India, Difference Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: April 22, 2011
Around the world there is a huge number of different countries that contain diverse cultures. Having knowledge of some of those cultures is a very good idea. It is important to communicate and to learn how people behave in their countries. In this essay, I am going to compare Omani culture to Indian culture. I believe that, there are a lot of differences between the two cultures, but there are few similarities.

There is a significant number of differences between the Omani culture and Indian culture. Firstly, the number of languages in India is not the same as in Oman. In Oman, there is only one language which is Arabic with seven dialects. In contrast, Indians speak more than 845languages (\vb\t7048.html). That is probably because their population is bigger than ours. Another difference is religion. Unlike Oman, India contains a huge number of religions. For example, in India, there are some Dharma people and a limited number of Muslims (\wiki\culture_of_India#Religion). On the other hand, in Oman, almost all people are Muslims. Furthermore, the traditions of celebrating festivals in Oman are different than those of India. For example, wedding traditions in Oman take place at least two months before the ceremony so that the groom and his family buy the clothes and jewelry for the bride and prepare for the wedding. Instead, in India the family of the bride buys everything. In addition, the unique folk dance is preformed at our social occasions (e.g. marriage, Eid, etc) which depicts our Arabian personalities. What’s more, Indians have some special customs for greetings called Namaskar as a greeting form (\traditions.html). On the other hand, Omanis shake hands and touch noses as greeting forms. It can be seen that there many differences between the Omani and Indian cultures.
As there are differences, there are, in contrast, some similarities between...

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