Ideologies of Communism and Capitalism

Topics: World War II, Communism, Cold War Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: October 1, 2013
Explain the differing ideologies and ideals of communism and capitalism The Cold War was an ideological war between the world’s ‘superpowers’, the USSR and the USA, immerging soon after the Second World War. The two countries became enemies through their conflicting ideologies; communism and capitalism and this was one of the primary causes of the Cold War. The two ideologies were on total opposite ends of the scale and made is possible for mutual fear and suspicions to grow between the two powers. The USSR was communist and this is a system of government in which private ownership is abolished. The state controls the economy as all business are owned by the government on behalf of the people. Goods are also distributed to individuals by the state to create a country where ‘everyone will get what is need and will be working for the collected good’. However there is no system of voting as there is just a need for one authoritarian party which holds power as it fully ‘represents the views of all the workers and rules on behalf of the people.’ The West was on the complete opposite end of the scale and was run by capitalism. The economic differences from communism was that individuals could actually own their business, were able to ‘compete with each other with a minimum of state interference’ and make as much money as they wanted; encouraged to work hard for the aim of individual reward. However this creates a huge divide between classes ranging from super rich and super poor. Another major political difference was that there was a voting system in which individuals could vote from the range of political parties all offering different policies for the current government. All individuals are granted certain rights, for example freedom of speech and press, and these freedoms were not deemed necessary in the communist state of the USSR. Both states believed that there particular ideologies were philosophically correct and that their systems were the most able in...
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