IB TOK Knowledge is Power

Topics: Human, Experience, Knowledge Pages: 3 (673 words) Published: February 25, 2015
Lily HornungMs. Bankey
9/16/14 IB TOK
Knowledge is Power?
The slogan “Knowledge is power” was said during the age of enlightenment, by Francis Bacon, when many new theories and ideas were being formed. If you had more knowledge, you were able to think for yourself, which was in itself a powerful thing to do in those days; people would just accept what the ruler of the country told them and not challenge authority. The same is true to this day, in the fact that being able to think for yourself and have an immense knowledge on different subject areas allows you to not only grow as a person, but enable you to be opened to different opportunities and experiences in life. Knowledge is a gateway to power.

All and any types of knowledge help us advance in life. Knowledge is power assuredly. When you have all the facts surrounding a situation, and know everything you are dealing with, you are able to grow and get things done. You can get through to the other side, reach a destination, or achieve a goal. Without the support and foundation of pertinent knowledge, it's as if you are trying to hit air. You have no objective and no power. Personal types of knowledge, such as instinct, are what help keep people and even animals alive. Instinct plays a part in day to day or stressful situations. It is this personal knowledge that helps us make decisions or choices. The instinct to walk or eat or cry is something that we did not learn, but had knowledge of. Because of this, we are able to survive and thrive. However, one can’t only rely on their instincts. Empiricism, or knowledge gained from experience, is something that I think influences us the most and allows us to be powerful. Experiencing new things and looking back at old experiences allows us to grow as people. We gain from learning from the past, which is why the subject of history is so important. History allows us to improve on achievements and not repeat past mistakes. This knowledge...
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