Humble Decision Making

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Risk Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: July 23, 2014
The article I chose is Humble Decision Making by Amitai Etzioni. Etzioni resources are not current with today’s decision-making. Old-fashioned decision-making does not meet the needs of a world with too much information and too little time. The once ideal rational decision-making requires comprehensive knowledge of every factor of a problem. Knowing every factor of a problem is clearly impossible with today’s time. Etzioni stated, "A more recent decision-making model is incrementalism." Incrementalism (disjointed incrementalism) is a policy making process which produces decisions only marginally different from past practices. Incrementalism concentrates on the smallest possible units of change considered to be a failure of the system to come to grips with the underlying problems, which put issues on the agenda. In contrast to the rational model assumes a great deal of information, clarity of goals and criteria, and the ability to define and analyze all possible alternatives, rendering a single clear solution. The real world is not so compromising.

A new model during Etzioni research evolved only processing partial information. This model helps adapt new information as it becomes available for processing. The model also helps to achieve broad goals and purposes. Upon prior research, many managers and doctors are using the old model or humble decision-making model as a new model today. The humble decision making model is called the mixed scanning or adaptive decision-making. This model involves two sets of judgments: broad, basic choices pertaining to the goals and policies of an organization and in depth examinations based on small experimental decision.

The prior research question involves defining how different entities use the models for decisions. In the 1970s and 1980s, economic forecasts were much less reliable to unexpected developments. Prevailing theories were proving less suitable to the new age. The 1990s for decision makers will...
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