Human resource management

Topics: Knowledge, Educational psychology, Learning Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: October 1, 2013
Human resource development
1. Stages of human resource development
Need investigation, design, implement, evaluation
2. Types of transformational learning styles
Instrumental learning----learning to control and manipulate the environment Communicative learning----understanding each other’s inner world Emancipatory learning----becoming free of hegemonic assumptions 3. Principals of adult learning

(Start with the known, readiness to learn, part learning, spaced learning, active learning) The learning should be relevant to the real-life situations and problems. This enhances the motivation of the learner as well as embedding the new learning into a context. The learning should incorporate the rich experience of the adult learners, thus utilising that abundant resource, the tacit knowledge of the adult. The learning should involve the adult learner, at least to some extent, so that the individual’s sense of self-responsibility ensures that the learning is transferred back to the operational site. 4. Two levels of HRDNI

Surveillance level, investigation level
5. Learning styles
Activist, reflector, pragmatist, theorist
6. Explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge
Explicit knowledge is the knowledge that the individual can declare and formulate into sentences. It is captured in drawings and writings. Explicit writing has a universal character, supporting the capacity to act across contexts. It is accessible through conscious thought. One advantage of explicit knowledge is that it can be shared at low cost among individuals. Tacit knowledge is a corner stone in organizational knowledge creation theory. It covers knowledge that is unarticulated, and tied to the senses, movement skills, physical experiences, intuition, unarticulated mental models or implicit rules of thumb. Tacit knowledge is in the mind of the individual; although the individual may be unaware of it or unable declare it. With time, tacit knowledge becomes more important for solving the problem...
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