Huffman WildSwans

Topics: Family, Marriage, Communist state Pages: 4 (1057 words) Published: February 1, 2015
Hannah Huffman
HIST 3260
Wild Swans Reflection
November 5, 2014
Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China
Examine the relationship of the author’s grandmother (Yu-fang) with her parents and first “husband,” General Xue. For example, is she respected by them? Used by them? Mistreated in any way? Yu-Fang’s parents used her, similar to her first husband, but they each respected her (or disrespected her) in different ways. Yu-Fang’s father used her to gain reward. He wanted to make her desirable to men so that he could benefit from the financial and materialistic rewards. Yu-Fang’s parents were extremely serious about finding a significant husband. They bound her feet to make her seem more attractive to men. Even though this caused much pain to Yu-Fang, her parents would not stand for complaining because they thought the outcome (their daughter finding a significant husband) would outweigh Yu-Fang’s misery and mistreatment. Her parents fight to find Yu-Fang an appropriate husband did not end there, either. For example, her father became General Xue’s escort to introduce Yu-Fang to him as a possible wife—this, ultimately, led Yu-Fang to become a concubine of General Xue. Even though General Xue used Yu-Fang in their relationship, he greatly respected her as well. She was often left alone to experience life without General Xue, which was something she did not exactly expect—which could be viewed as a form of mistreatment in today’s norms and cultural views. Nonetheless, General Xue provided Yu-Fang with comfortable and lavish experiences that his other concubines did not receive. General Xue also never talked down to Yu-Fang, which is notable. Yu-Fang did truly love General Xue. She missed him greatly and waited endlessly for his return. While she was clearly used for sex, pleasure and simply just to be considered another number in his concubine, it could be argued that General Xue and Yu-Fang had a more respected relationship than most. Discuss Yu-fang’s...
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