Hsm240 Benefit Types - Social Policy and Program Benefits

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Social Policy and Program Benefits
Tracy Kelly
September 02, 2011
Robin Devonish

SOCIAL POLICY AND PROGRAM BENEFITS 2 Social Policy and Program Benefits
Volunteers of America offers benefits and services such as material goods/commodities, cash, expert services, positive discrimination, credits/vouchers, subsidies, government guarantees, protective regulation, and power over decision. These benefits and services are directly or indirectly in place with designated “departments”. Each manages a specific area of need. This non-profit organization addresses many social problems ranging from homelessness, addiction, elder care, to recovery and achieving one’s full potential. In evaluating the benefits and services offered by VOA, I found all set up and functioning in a positive manner to the client, the organization, and society. The target efficiency is clearly defined for each benefit with as little emphasis placed on stigmatization. In a manner of speaking, the two can go hand-in-hand. VOA has exceeded in the areas of benefits and services. The area that I believe it excels at the most is in expert services. VOA has left an impact on over 2 million of the most vulnerable and under-served people by enabling him or her to achieve his or her full potential. This could not be done without the help of expert services. Working with government guarantees, protective regulation, and power over decision making, VOA guides with a firm grip until the trial independence time is reached. With careful monitoring, material goods/commodities, credits/vouchers, cash, and subsidies are released as the next stepping stone towards the ability to live independently in society (VOA. 2011). The agency’s performance has a proven track record of success. VOA is now in their second century of service as an accredited organization that is one of the largest human...

References: Volunteers of America. (2011). Volunteers of America. About Us. Retrieved from
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