Hsm 230 Week 1 Ethical Decision Reflection

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Employment Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: February 2, 2012
Making ethical decisions requires an individual to consider many factors. Morals are important because any critical decision requires the decision maker to consider their own beliefs to some extent to make an accurate and effective decision. Other factors to consider is what is wrong or right, good or bad, and legal or efficient. An ethical decision that I had to make was with my current employer. My job is very generous with giving to the employees, and their policies are lenient. As employees we have total access to the entire facility including the kitchen. I noticed that one of the kitchen workers who worked the latest shift took bags home with her everyday. It raised some speculation in my mind but I never raised the issue because I am aware that as staff we can take home leftovers and we can also order bulk items through the business office. However, one day when I came to work we had a staff meeting about things being missing from the kitchen ranging from freezer bags, seasonings and bread to boxes of meats, and pots. At that point that employee came to mind, however, I didn't say anything I just hoped she would stop. About 2 weeks later it happened again. That's when the administrator made the decision to compensate all keys from everyone but the kitchen staff and planned on adding cameras in the kitchen. Considering what I had been observing from that one staff member and how the situation was impacting not only the entire facility and staff, but the residents as well because that is their food, I decided to speak up. I realized that even though I was not involved, it became my business. At the end I knew I did the right thing and it benefited everyone, even the thief. The administrative staff was able to find that person liable for the loss and dismiss them. The other staff didn't have to worry about being a suspect, and the residents were no longer being victims of theft. As far as the job of course that employee had...
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