How I Plan to Make the Earth Greener

Topics: Global warming, Recycling, Climate change Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: December 23, 2012
How I plan to make the earth greener
Everyday we hear about environmental degradation, ecological imbalance, global warming etc and related grave issues which pose a threat to our very existence. The world today is playing a blame–game trying to accuse each other for these problems. But what is the point in holding international conferences when nothing is being done at the ground level?? It is us who have to make a difference. “WE ARE APART OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND NOT A PART FROM IT.” In school we are taught about the environment and I try my best to inculcate it in real life. I would sound politically correct if I say I use only renewable sources but that is not possible in today’s world. Then too I try to use alternative eco-friendly options. It doesn’t have to be Earth Day for me to think about how I can make an impact on our planet.

I try my best to follow the 3 R’s – REUSE REDUCE RECYCLE. I try to conserve resources as far as possible. I turn off lights and electronics when I leave the room. Unplug my cell phone charger from the wall when I am not using it. I borrow books from the library instead of buying new ones. I use eco-friendly notebooks and carry jute bags to the grocery store instead of using plastic bags. Global climate change affects our water supply, and right now billions of people don't have access to clean water. To conserve water there are some easy steps that I take to reduce my consumption: •Using one drinking glass or reusable bottle per day, rather than disposable plastic bottles •Dumping ice or leftover water on plants instead of down the drain •Turning the tap off while brushing my teeth.

I educate myself on contents such as CFC’s and sulfates and opt for greener products, such as those that use organic ingredients and recycled packaging I also use zip-lock bags which can be reused rather than normal plastic bags. I go to my tuitions on cycle and try not to opt for auto rickshaw whenever possible and try to save fuel and...
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