How to rejuvenate University life

Topics: Critical thinking, Knowledge, Learning Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: July 8, 2014
One can make his University environment cherishable with the following features:


Communication is conveying one's feelings to others in an understandable way. Communication has been taking place every day in our University. Starting from entering the college premises wishing our friends, teachers to leaving the campus saying a happy goodbye, the university has been a model source of communication knowingly or unknowingly. Rather than dealing communication as a prescribed subject only pertaining to books, I would like to take it much into the daily purvey of the university life. I have been communicating to my teachers for earning knowledge, whatever they have learnt and experienced. I have been communicating with my friends to share knowledge about growing trends and study issues. Campus life has best restored the act of communication in my life to the level of cherishing it.

Inquiry and Critical Thinking:

Inquiry comes in with the need to learn, pursue things one wants to know, but is not aware. Since, University is all about the providing this knowledge of unknown things to its students like me, I have been inquiring day long in my college being inquisitive of the things not only I have come to study, but also beyond it. Critical thinking can be linked to inquiry in a way to justify you have learnt after inquiring. The very approach you follow is nothing but critical thinking. To know the truths and false of the issues I enquire and learn in the University, the campus library, internet allows me to always know in extra detail and think the reasonability of the facts.

Ethics & Social Responsibility

Ethics is the relation we can maintain with this society and our surroundings as being a part of it. I'm a part of this University and always learnt from it the manners to treat my fellow students and teachers. It comes in without any extra syllabus or subjects. The way we behave keeps people around us close to us. I...
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