How Successful Was Lenin as a Leader

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How Successful was Lenin as A leader?

In order to access whether Lenin was a successful leader it is important to note four main principals. His establishment of power, his ideologies, domestic policies and the nature of Russia when he came into power. When looking into success we need to analyse how far Lenin accomplished his aim or purpose and how he turned Russia into a single party state in such a short period of time. It is also important to note the length of Lenin’s rule- he was not there for a long period of time so it is interesting to see how much he was able to achieve in that short bracket of time. If Lenin had had lived longer would he have turned Russia into a purely communist country with no social classes or was it doomed for dictatorial ruling in the future?

Russia before the October revolution was described as a ‘crisis state’ and was very backward. There had been shortages of fuel, food and oil which had led to famine. These were just a few of the problems that Lenin was faced with when he came into power. He had to fundamentally change the system of Russia and had to transition it from a monarchy to a single party state that was fairly left wing. I think that one of the reasons that Lenin has been seen as successful is that he was able to bring about some amount of substantial amount of change. The provisional government did not solve the food crisis and faced many strikes like the July days during their rule. Lenin however was able to secure the people of Russia and brought about clear schemes to tackle these problems, he took care of these problems head on and as able to bring Russia out of that ‘crisis state’ however at what cost?

Lenin was very successful with his aim in creating Russia into a single party state during that short period of time and was able to change the nature of government. He also introduced new policies such as the New Economic Policies to help the economic problems that Russia was facing however the NEP was...
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