How succesful was the weimar republic?

Topics: Weimar Republic, Germany, World War I Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: October 21, 2013
How successful was the Weimar Republic (1919-1923)?
As First World War end Germany had to face different problems. One of these problems was the fact that as the Kaiser abdicated, a new government was created. This new government was The Weimar Republic and the First President of the Republic was Friedrich Ebert. On the one hand, the Weimar republic brought many improvements to Germany and learned to cope with the problems the country was facing at the time. As soon as Friedrich Ebert became the new leader he helped deciding what the constitution should be like. Ebert believed the Allies would treat Germany better if they had a democratic government so the new constitution gave Germans many new rights. This new constitution allowed men aged 21 and over to vote in elections for deputies to the Reichstag. Germans have rights to free speech, freedom of newspapers, freedom to set up trade unions, and anyone could form a political party. All of these were completely new freedoms for Germany, and very modern for the time. German people weren’t used to this new constitution but many of them were interested in learning more about it and supported it. When elections came Friedrich Ebert won them. The new president had to face different problems. One of these problems was the opposition from both the right and the left. On the left wing there were the spartacists who were communists who felt that Germany was ready to follow Russia’s example of making communist revolution. Furthermore, on the left wing there were the Freikorps, a group made up mostly by ex-service men who disliked the new government but specially were totally opposed to communism. Ebert managed to stop both sides by making an agreement with the Freikorps who crush the communist revolves. This tactic was supported by people from the right wing and by judges and democratics who opposed communism. In addition, the new government had to decide whether to sign or not the Treaty of Versailles. Ebert felt he had...
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