How Knowledge Is Gained?

Topics: Knowledge, School, Education Pages: 4 (1427 words) Published: December 5, 2010
How is knowledge gained? What are the sources? To what extent might these vary according to age, education, and cultural background?

As we grow old we will continue to learn new things in life, weather it’s how to ride a bike or learn about our heritage and certain religions. We constantly increase our knowledge in various ways to help us progress further and develop our brains more which in turn will help us develop ourselves. Of course we will learn from the media, books or from other people but in order to process information and knowledge from these sources we have to already know how to read, how to reason and who to trust. Whatever we pursue in life we have to look for ways to expand and increase our knowledge. For example increasing our knowledge in a certain subject such as biology, we will be might be able to learn different things about the human body so then we can progress and maybe become a doctor or even a nurse. By increasing our knowledge we grasp a better understanding of certain things and we gained a better ability and a greater intelligence in that particular area. Some of the sources of knowledge include reason, intuition and instinct. Growing up as a Bermudian I will learn about my heritage and my background information from my parents. I will learn about my ancestry and how things use to be in the past and how much it has changed. Because of my cultural background I will know that my native language is English and I will be brought up learning English. Here I will reason because of my belief and faith. I will learn what has not only caused changes today but how it has affected life today and how the world is benefiting or suffering. Knowledge can be gained from basic experience or empiricism, intuition, observation. It is not proved that we possess knowledge from birth but from young you do learn several things such as reading and eating. From birth, everyday you observe your mother and father do certain jobs such as cook or read or...
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