How Economic Protectionism, Environmentalism, and New Social Movements Pose a Challenge to Capitalist Globalization

Topics: Communism, Karl Marx, Capitalism Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: June 25, 2012
Short Essay

Viktor Tomov
IPM 2B (2010/2011)
27 October 2010

We all, who have access to global sources of information (such as internet, television, books and other media) already, know about the globalization in particular depth. Many of us will say the globalization is developing in capitalist fashion, and they won’t be wrong about it, since we are witnessing a process called outsourcing and international organizations expand faster each day. There are different views trying to predict where this process is going. Some will distinct that it is the ideology promoted by international corporate interests that values only the efficiency and profitability of the production. The capital refers only to time and money, thus steps are taken to best utilize the time to generate highest turnover capital. Multinationals, in order to provide its shareholders with maximum wealth often change their location of production to countries with cheaper labour and low level of governmental scrutiny. As a result these particular countries are prevented from sustainable and predictable (for investors) development. Some opponents will state that this is a link of bringing the imperialism and slavery back, or it is just a modern form of these two systems. Others will derive from the “Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx and Engels that this is the last step of transition to fully communist society and it is yet for the changes to be. Proponents will argue that the main feature of the capitalist globalization is that most of the capital and jobs that are flowing from richer to poorer countries, therefore increasing the quality of life in these regions. These days, significant portions of the world community oppose the globalization for developing in capitalistic manner. These portions are not only originating from countries of non-democratic and anti democratic governances, they are also found in the very states where the beginning is thought to be. These societies are not...

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